BlockOutTraffic (BOT) for IPCop 1.4.x


BlockOutTraffic (in short BOT) is an addon for IPCop v1.4.x.
BOT will block all traffic that is allowed in a normal IPCop installation. For example Green -> Red is blocked after installation of BOT.
Rules must be created to allow traffic, which means (hard) work but allows for more influence on traffic to and through your firewall.

BOT Rules are created by using a very intuitive extension to the IPCop WebGUI.

BlockOutTraffic key features

  • Seamless GUI integration
  • Control of traffic to and through IPCop
  • Traffic restrictions by MAC addresses, IP addresses and interfaces
  • Conveniently grouping of addresses
  • Definition of custom services
  • Grouping of services
  • Time based firewall rules
  • Control of firewall-logging

Latest BOT release

 Release: 3.0.0 - Build 3

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BlockOutTraffic - The Firewall WebGUI Addon for IPCop

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