BOT - Credits

Since Autumn 2003 several people have helped me in some way to develop BlockOutTraffic.
I want to thank all of you who helped me to get BlockOutTraffic to the point where it is now.

Thank You!

My supporters (in alphabetical order):

Antonio Edivaldo de O. Gaspar Portuguese Installation and Getting Started Guide.
Caglar Ulkuderner Turkish GUI text translatons and Getting Started Guide.
Daniel Hammer Danish GUI text translation.
Enrique Porta Spanish GUI text translation.
Guy Godin French website translation and some french GUI text translations.
Jean Pierre Bargheon French GUI text translation.
Leo Nesterov Russian GUI text translation.
Olaf Westrik (weizen_42) Testing, english texts on this website and some new ideas for BOT.
Samuel Honorato Portuguese GUI text translation.
Temaya French GUI text translation.
Tom Eichstaedt (wintermute) Website design.
Torsten (Plattfuss) French GUI text translation.
Urs Blöchlinger Helped me with "Native Rules" in BOT 2.1 (Idea and C-coding).

I hope I didn't forget someone.


IPCop - The Bad Packets Stop Here

BlockOutTraffic - The Firewall WebGUI Addon for IPCop

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