Net-Traffic - Credits

Net-Traffic was originally an addon for IPCop 1.2 from "JoeCat". For IPCop 1.3 "jsmoller" did some tweaks to the code as the traffic storage format was changed, but he never released it official.

So I piked up the tweaked code from jsmoller, cleaned it up a bit and released it for 1.3. For 1.4 I had to rewrite the code completly as the storage was changed again, now from plain textfiles to database storage.

Several people have helped me in some way to develop Net-Traffic.
I want to thank all of you who helped me to get Net-Traffic to the point where it is now.

Thank You!

My supporters (in alphabetical order):

Gabriele Bellini Italian GUI text translation.
Guy Godin French website translation and some french GUI text translations.
Karel D. (criena) Dutch GUI text translation.
Jan (jsmoller) Tweaks for IPCop 1.3.
JoeCat Original Net-Traffic for IPCop 1.2.
Olaf Westrik (weizen_42) Dutch GUI text translation.
Przemo Polish GUI text translation.
Ricardo Lopez Spanish GUI text translation.
Unknown * Italian GUI text translation.
Unknown * Polish GUI text translation.

* I can't remember who send me the translations. Too I can't find it in my emails, sorry. If it were you, please send me an email and I will add your name to the supporter list.

I hope I didn't forget someone.


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