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If Net-Traffic is valuable to you or your business and if you wish
to express your appreciation for the time and resources I have
spent developing and supporting it, I do accept and
greatly appreciate monetary donations.

Net-Traffic is and will remain free for home *AND* corporate use.

Donate via PayPal (or credit cards):
  in Euros (EUR)
  in US Dollar (USD)

If you want to donate in another way, send an email to: bot <at> blockouttraffic <dot> de



These Net-Traffic users have already donated:

Andre Pohl 22 January 2007 5 EUR via Paypal
Grant Coffey 24 March 2007 5 EUR via Paypal
Greg Reive 23 January 2010 10 USD via Paypal


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Net-Traffic - The Traffic information WebGUI Addon for IPCop

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