Net-Traffic for IPCop 1.4.x


Net-Traffic is an addon for IPCop v1.4.x.
Net-Traffic shows your Network Traffic from Green, Blue (if configured), Orange (if configured) and Red.
You can analyse how much traffic was on which network at which time in which direction. If you have only a specific amount of traffic per month, Net-Traffic can warn you if a specific traffic level is reached.

Net-Traffic is managed by using a very intuitive extension to the IPCop WebGUI.

Net-Traffic key features

  • Seamless GUI integration
  • Information of traffic amount to and through IPCop
  • Warn informations about used traffic via GUI and Email

Latest Net-Traffic release

 Release: 1.3.1 - Build 1

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Net-Traffic - The Traffic information WebGUI Addon for IPCop

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