Net-Traffic - Installation


  1. download the latest Net-Traffic version if you have not already done so.
  2. copy the file Net-Traffic-<version>-GUI-b<buildnumber>.tar.gz to your IPCop box (by using SCP or WinSCP), /tmp/traff is probably a good location.
  3. login (ssh or Putty) into your IPCop box as root and chdir to the place where you put the archive.
  4. unpack the Net-Traffic archive with:
        tar zxvf Net-Traffic-<version>-GUI-b<buildnumber>.tar.gz *
  5. install Net-Traffic with:

Now Net-Traffic is installed and you can start configuring through the IPCop WebGUI.

Uninstall Net-Traffic:

  • If you have installed Net-Traffic via Addons Server, you have to remove/uninstall Net-Traffic via the IPCop WebGUI -> Addons -> Addons webpage.
  • If you have installed Net-Traffic via Standalone Installation, you have to uninstall Net-Traffic via the command line too. Login to your IPCop as root and chdir to the place where you put the Net-Traffic archive at installation and uninstall Net-Traffic with:

The Net-Traffic uninstall routine saves the current Net-Traffic settings in /var/tmp/nettraffic_conf/<Net-Traffic_VERSION>. Because of this, it is necessary to run the uninstall script which is shipped with the currently installed Net-Traffic version!
The next Net-Traffic installation will restore the old config (the config with highest Net-Traffic-Version).

Upgrade Net-Traffic:

  • If you currently run a Net-Traffic version older than 1.3.0, you have to uninstall Net-Traffic before you can install the new Net-Traffic version. Your current config will be saved (see "Uninstall Net-Traffic") and restored on the next Net-Traffic installation.
  • If you currently run Net-Traffic version 1.3.0 or newer, you can directly install the new Net-Traffic version (without first uninstalling). The installation routine detects the Net-Traffic installation and will automatically uninstall it before it installs Net-Traffic. The current config is saved and restored automatically as well.

* The command will unpack the following files:

  • setup
  • uninstall
  • readme
  • readme_DE
  • version
  • uninstall_NT
  • information
  • patch.tar.gz

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