Update Accelerator for IPCop 2.x.x


Update Accelerator is an addon for IPCop v2.x.x.
The Update Accelerator caches files from update sites automatically at the first request. All subsequent downloads of these files from other clients will be processed with LAN speed.
Even though the standard Web Proxy cache does almost the same job, there are important differences between the Web Proxy cache and the Update Accelerator cache.
For example, it would be difficult to store, reliably, a Service Pack with a size of about 300MB in the Web Proxy cache. Unlike a Web Proxy with its internal cache and uncontrollable results, the Update Accelerator works rather in a similar way to a File Server - dead reliable and independent of any Proxy cache size or replacement strategy.

Update Accelerator is managed by using a very intuitive extension to the IPCop WebGUI.

Update Accelerator key features

  • Seamless GUI integration
  • Increases download speed - up to factor 1.500 for a 64kBit/s ISDN connection
  • Guaranteed delivery from the local cache, even if the Web Proxy cache has been cleared
  • The Update Accelerator cache can be transferred from one to another IPCop for offline preloading

Latest Update Accelerator release

 Release: 2.2.2

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Update Accelerator - The Update Accelerator WebGUI Addon for IPCop

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