Update Accelerator - Installation


  1. download the latest Update Accelerator version if you have not already done so.
  2. copy the file Update Accelerator-<version>-GUI-b<buildnumber>.tar.gz to your IPCop box (by using SCP or WinSCP), /tmp/updateaccelerator is probably a good location.
  3. login (ssh or Putty) into your IPCop box as root and chdir to the place where you put the archive.
  4. unpack the Update Accelerator archive with:
        tar zxvf ipcop-updatexlrator-<version>.tar.gz
  5. install Update Accelerator with:

Now Update Accelerator is installed and you can start configuring through the IPCop WebGUI.

Uninstall Update Accelerator:

  • Login to your IPCop as root and chdir to the place where you put the Update Accelerator archive at installation and uninstall Update Accelerator with:

Upgrade Update Accelerator:

  • You can directly install the new Update Accelerator version (without first uninstalling). The installation routine detects the Update Accelerator installation and will automatically upgrade Update Accelerator. The current config is will be presaved.

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Update Accelerator - The Update Accelerator WebGUI Addon for IPCop

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