Update Accelerator - Tips and Tricks

This page shows you some Tips and Tricks for Update Accelerator administration:

Resetting the cache efficiency index

Resetting the cache efficiency index

Sometimes it might be necessary to reset the cache efficiency index (CEI). This could be after copying the cache content from one IPCop to another (cache preloading) or simply to start a new period of efficiency measurement. The CEI will be calculated from the number of cached objects and how often these objects have been downloaded from the cache.

The following shell command will reset the download counters for each object in the Update Accelerator cache. This will result in a calculated efficiency index of 0.0 (null).
To reset the CEI, log in to your IPCop and run the command shown below:

find /home/httpd/html/updatecache/ -name access.log -exec bash -c "echo 0 > {}" \;



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